Healing the Emotional Body

Universal Light Force

Lightworkers are now able to tune into an accelerated force of universally available light-based energy which has the ability to elicit spontaneous healings in those who seek it out. The frequency and availability of this Light has recently shifted in a most powerful way.  And so it is that on a near daily basis new insights and revelations have become part of my more personal self-healing experiences.

Peeling away blockages

My process involves a powerful and spontaneous shedding away of old paradigms, beliefs, notions and convictions that hinder my growth – or block my ability to tap into higher consciousness — be it karmic, genetic, memetic (an idea, behavior or style that spreads from person to person within a culture) or egoic (based on outdated notions of survival). The greater part of this process involves energetically healing old wounds; mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. And lately the focus of this work has involved the emotional body.

From what I can tell, not enough attention is given to the emotional body. I find it rarely discussed and often misunderstood — and as I know from personal experience, an injured emotional body that is ignored or left untreated, can cause serious illness and emotional pain. A wounded and/or damaged emotional body can lead to feelings of inferiority; cause a person to feel over exposed and completely incapable of creative problem solving. It can also cripple a person’s creativity causing writer’s blog and artistic stagnation.

What exactly is the emotional body?

According to one of the pillars of energy work and one of my favorite teachers Barbara Brennan, the emotional body makes up the second auric field of a person’s non-physical bodies encapsulating the physical body but not mirroring the body’s form exactly. It often appears as a misty multi-colored, constantly undulating field that extends outwards to about three inches from the physical body.

“This body interpenetrates the denser bodies that it surrounds. Its colors vary from brilliant clear hues to dark muddy ones, depending on the clarity or confusion of the feeling or energy that produces them. Clear and highly energized feelings such as love, excitement, joy or anger are bright and clear; those feelings that are confused are dark and muddy,” Brennan explains. “As these feelings become energized through personal interaction, body psychotherapy, etc., the colors separate out into their primary hue and brighten.”

A healthy emotional body

Infants usually have very healthy emotional bodies. In young children and the more fortunate adults it has a soft, free-flowing essence that can be seen by sensitives and psychics as well. In the very young, and those who are in love, it will vibrate with a rosy pink color. It extends itself or ‘reaches out’ to others in situations such as when a person is filled with curiosity or feels particularly empathetic. A healthy emotional body ‘receives’ information from the outer world which can be interpreted as hunches or intuition. In its natural state a fully activated emotional body will provide a filter to the world, giving a sense of knowing and safety to a body and comfort to those who encounter it as part of someone’s overall character. I suppose that there are a myriad ways that a person’s emotional body could also become jagged and intrusive on other people, but for now let’s just focus on the healthy aspects.

Wounding the emotional body

The emotional body, particularly for the ultra-sensitive, can become damaged whenever a person suffers some kind of traumatic, shocking or unhappy event. These types of experiences can have to do with stressful relationships both personal and professional. It can also be damaged during childhood via family relationships as well as through other formative relationships like with teachers, friends and classmates. I believe that the emotional body can also be stressed by untimely incidents such as accidents and even serious, prolonged illnesses, and of course, loss.

Those of us who are labeled as introverted, reserved and sensitive (or even ‘backward’, socially awkward or challenged, and aloof) probably harbor some pretty damaged emotional bodies that they are otherwise unaware of.

It stands to reason that people who have a strong support system can actually recover more quickly from stressful situations and therefore their emotional bodies recover and self-repair, or bounce back, as well. But for people who, for whatever reason, are bereft of compassionate and supportive networks probably have a greater incidence of damage to their sensitive emotional bodies, and over time they begin to constrict and crumple in on themselves.

A personal perspective

During meditation I was inspired to ask for angelic support to help me understand why I had suddenly developed on-going and painful stomach cramps. What I received was a download or stream of information, complete with a full color animated tour describing how an emotional body can become damaged over time. From this perspective I could see that my own emotional body was so wounded that it was rather like a crumpled up ball of cellophane sitting in the center of my torso. It was this balled up and malfunctioning energy system that was causing physical pain.

When I asked for help to repair this situation a couple of prominent angelic healers (who will remain nameless) swooped in to provide assistance. Standing on either side of my physical body they each took hold of my poor crumpled up emotional body and began stretching it outwards. It appeared very elastic and inclined to resume its former crumpled state, but with a little persistence the angelic healers were able to encourage it to stretch out and relax into a more expanded state, coming to rest several inches from by physical body. Somehow they were able to fill it with a rosy pink energy that I can only described as feeling like a download of ‘warm fuzzies’.

Although I have the sense that this will be an ongoing process, I know the technique performed by my angelic helpers was effective for healing my emotional body due to the fact that my dreams are now filled with episodes and scenarios where I am meeting, interacting with and forgiving people and situations from my past that I have had difficulty releasing up to this point.

You can heal your emotional body

For those who may be interested in exploring their own emotional body, I would suggest that while meditating you simply take a moment to put your attention on it, and see how it looks. Gently scan it with your senses to see if you can perceive any holes, tears, or any obvious signs of damage. If you do discover some issue, compassionately allow it to fill up with vibrant, gently swirling pink colors and watch it expand outwards to a healthy distance around your physical body. Hold it there for several minutes until you sense that the damage has been repaired. If the damage is too great, simply call on your own angelic helpers and ask for assistance.

I am willing to bet that once a person’s emotional body is repaired that there will be vast improvements on overall comfort levels and state of healthfulness.  I’d love to hear from anyone who has the opportunity to incorporate this exercise into their meditation routine. I am available to offer assistance, just send me a note.