Babylon Royalty

A conflicted work relationship brought this life memory back to me. And, seeking an answer as to why I couldn't get over the feeling of being in a bad family relationship I find myself in a grand palace as one of the sons of a Babylonian king, and not a particularly important son at that.

Nonetheless, I am late teens or slightly older, and I feel content to be here. Why shouldn't I? You can't beat the accommodations and the food is wonderful, the privileges are endless, and since I'm a lesser son no one's lofty expectations are weighing me down.

As I look around I have the impression of being in a large open room complete with elaborately decorated columns, polished marble floors with a profusion of animal pelts and exotic woven artworks on the walls. I'm dressed in a long beautifully woven wrap-around and I wear gold bangles on my wrists and on one ankle. The sandals on my feet are the latest innovation and I'm proud to be wearing them.  I realize that my presentation is important and so I also have elaborately styled hair with decorative jewels woven into plaits.

The View at Babylon
The View at Babylon

None of this seems out of the ordinary to me, but I do marvel at the view from an open balcony from which I can see a vast expanse of equally impressive buildings surrounded by green gardens and lush plantings. This is truly a beautiful setting to be in, and one that is relatively peaceful during this short lifetime. The one fly in the ointment during this period is a situation with a sibling that just keeps getting worse.

We are both sons of an important king, but certainly neither of us is high enough ranking among sons to vie for the kingship. I know that, but apparently my elder step-brother (we all seem to have different mothers) has ambitions for moving up in the hierarchy, and as a result I have come under his scrutiny as a potential rival. I think my mother may be a favored wife to the king, so that might be one reason that I seem a threat to this sibling.

Alas, over time the rivalry escalates to a point where I try to avoid this person at all costs, and you would think that such a thing might be relatively easy to accomplish in such an enormous palace, but being a target now, everywhere I go - there he is. People are beginning to warn me about the potential harm, but I try to keep things in perspective. Surely this brother will realize that there really isn't any potential for him earning a higher ranking amongst siblings, but such is not the case.

One day while sitting at a desk in my chambers I am ambushed from behind by two men who immediately cover my head with some kind of rug to muffle the noise. Not being a warrior I am no match for these two and within a few short minutes they have me dispatched by way of strangulation. I feel some regret for having lost this lifetime, and a little annoyance at the half-brother who just couldn't come to terms with his station in life.


Recalling this lifetime helped put perspective on the competition that I felt coming from a co-worker and the lingering feelings of being in a sibling relationship that resulted. It helped me to relate better to her, and softened the edges of our work relationship, though I continued to have the feeling of being related to her.