About Me

From there to here

As and empath I have spent most of my life hiding my true nature from the world. And, I find that this is not an uncommon thing for First Wave Lightworkers such as myself. Oh, and I see the Universe ...

Akashic Field

Since my early 20's I have had clear and spontaneous access the the Akash from where I have drawn innumerable past-life, between life, and other non-ordinary scenarios that have helped me to develop my skills and perspectives along the way. Many of these I have written about - and, although they may be a bit disorganized at the moment (having moved them from a different location) most of those are in the Musings and News section. Of late, it's been being presented to me that I can now provide other people with the opportunity to have clear and open access to their own Akashic field. When these urging became unavoidable I started looking around for ways of reaching out, and that took me to Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH). After spending infinite hours working with their system, and working with a few people - I soon discovered I was feeling less than authentic using their format. Altering the design of this system proved to be more effective for me and the people I work with.

My personal experience with past life recall, self-hypnosis, and spontaneous revelation affords me some notions that are not easily packaged and promoted as something you can sell as a service. Certainly, my process does not require my clients to spend 3 hours droning on in a semi-conscious state. And that brings us to my burgeoning practice called QuantOm ॐ Calibration, a nonordinary energy delivery system in process of development.

How Did I Get Here?

Whenever I look into exploring information from speakers, healers, BQH practitioners and other energy workers - I like to know a little something about the person. If you are of the same notion, and find yourself curious about my story - there are many articles that I have written that convey my experiences. These articles are undergoing a refreshing now that I've moved to a new location. The first of the series can be found here: A Complicated Soul