The Light Bearing Knight

This recall came to me out of a need to discover the origins of a persistent pain in my neck and shoulder area - something I've been struggling with for years, and which now seems to be increasing in discomfort.

All of my past life recollections spring from a deep-seated desire to understand something fundamental about myself be it a relationship or ... as in this case a physical issue. So, I asked - please show me the origins of this pain that I may resolve it and release it once and for all - and with that, I find myself on the back of a very large horse - apparently; a war-horse. He is dappled gray, and I have great affection for this creature as we've traveled much together. In my right hand I hold a pole, one end thrust in the stirrup the other extending high overhead. At the top of the pole is a flag or a banner of some sort. I am in full armor, as are all of my companions riding before and after me. Everyone has a helmet covering their heads, except for me. Mine is in my left hand, thrust under my arm and up against the saddle - I'd removed it so I could better hear approaching dangers.

The air is slightly chill, damp even and it seems to be either early morning hours prior to dawn or late evening hours just after sunset. There is much greenery around us, we are traveling single file up a mountainous pass. We are alert and keen on scoping out any potential threat as we very much suspect an ambush -- or worse ahead, I am tense and intent on my surroundings. At one point the trail narrows to accommodate a deep valley, walls of stone and rock thrusting high over our heads, and here tension rises as we are most vulnerable here. Suddenly a loud crack sounds overhead, followed by the sound of something crashing downwards, dislodging an avalanche of boulders and rock upon our party. In the same instance that I become aware of the noises, I am dead. The first rock to fall hit me heavily on my right side, slicing into my shoulder and neck before crushing me to death almost instantly. No one in our party survives the raid, not even the horses - to which I feel much aggrieved.

The perpetrators to our untimely end waited atop the high cliffs overhead, large poles wedged into cracks of carefully loosened rim rocks, just waiting for an opportune moment to lose their deadly force upon our heads. We didn't stand a fighting chance and I am very unhappy with our demise.

My perspective shifts and I see this knight standing over his crumpled body, next to his horse - he shakes his head sadly. He notices that I am watching him and he knows that we are somehow connected through time, beyond space. He explains that this group of elite knights were entrusted with a special knowledge which they sought to protect and now that information is lost for all time, as they are the last of their kind. No one else has possession of this kind of knowledge - and no one ever will again. He is saddened by the fear and ignorance that has destroyed this great treasure.

The knight asks me if I would agree to take and keep the gift of this knowledge with me, and I agree. In his hands I notice is a ball of brilliant golden light - the gift, which he extends to me and I reach out to take the golden ball. As soon as I have the light in my hands I feel it pulled into my solar plexus, absorbed by my body. It travels up my spine and explodes just over my head in a glorious shower of sparks and light. The scene before me has faded and I am alone with the memory of the event that has caused such pain in my shoulder and neck. Already I can feel the discomfort lessening and I wonder if I'll ever really know the meaning behind that golden ball of light.