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Dream on.

It is important to understand that your dream belongs to you. It's not something you can give away or assign a meaning to outside of yourself.

Something that I've learned over the past 3 decades of studying dreams it this: significant dreams (usually those you recall upon awakening and can't easily forget) are dreams that are trying to convey something important. Sometimes is difficult for us to figure out exactly what that is, especially when our reference point revolves around spoken/written language.

Dreams are much more than words scratched on a page - they are about images. Why is this the case? Because our souls speak to us in the language of spirit - and spirit has no voice, but it does understand symbolic expression (the power of images) - and emotions. In other words: Spirit speaks to us in pictures, and pictures are what dreams are made of. It takes a certain depth of intuition and study to begin to navigate this innate language. This is where I help clients build a bridge between the message the soul self is trying to convey and how the waking mind perceives the images and emotions of a dream.

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**Occasionally I also offer energetic clearings (bio-field flush), Reiki Healing, Energetic Upgrades & Boosts, Intuitive Dream Analysis, and general trouble shooting if you would like to provide some short details about something that you are working on or find to be challenging at the moment. I may also be able to tune into your Akashic Records and Guides but only when provided some personal details. Drop me a note, let's see what happens.