Blasting Away Negative Blocks – Empowering Your Ability to Be

We've all heard about the power of thoughts and how the act of controlling thoughts can be the key to transforming our lives. Having the ability to consciously shape the content flowing through the mind is certainly a very powerful tool in the box of transformation tricks; leading toward peace of mind at the least and extraordinary shifts in consciousness at the most. But have you ever considered that negative thoughts are not just benign capsules of unwelcome pessimism,  but rather they can become intrinsically entwined into the fabric of our 3rd dimensional experience and may not be so easy to remove (or forgive), particularly when you toss in elements of brain chemistry, shifting hormones and environmental influences.

Reams of scientific evidence supported by research and clinical trials now points to the fact that happy or positive thoughts strengthen the body’s immune system and create a constant rush of dopamine into the brain to provide a boost of positivity. All of this allows us to connect to our higher spiritual centers, which in turn makes it possible for us to create a reality in tune with our highest possible good. Just deciding to be happy (or repeating positive mantras) may not be the panacea we all hoped it would be. Apparently there is work to be done in order to remove old blockages. But once those blockages are gone, feelings of joy or contentment can indeed be the factor that will empower each of us on a long-term basis to better meet immediate challenges and envision new futures. After all, that is what transformation is all about; overcoming fear to allow the power of unconditional love (aka joy) to flood our awareness so that we can become who we are truly meant to be; co-creative beings of light having a physical experience.

Like many of you I have worked for decades to monitor my thoughts, diligently tending to that pesky weed patch in my mind. For the most part, my efforts have been successful and as a result I have benefited from years of peaceful coexistence with environmental, genetic, memetic and karmic programs while striving to stay focused on ‘the now’ and to bring my attention back to what’s ‘real’. However, as the earth and humanity began to enter this speeded up time of soulful evolution I've noticed a weird resurrection of long dead thoughts, ideas and memories that I thought I had put to bed long ago.

What I’m finding out is that part of the process of ‘clearing’ involves revisiting the offending memory, bringing it to the forefront of awareness in order to release the heavy dysfunctional energy it evokes. As it turns out, those painful memories - or our resistance to them - actually prevents vital life-giving light energy from flowing through our nonphysical energy fields and nourishing our physical bodies. Behind every dark or fearful thought there is a wealth of light energy just waiting to get through.

What are dark thoughts exactly and why and how do they block the light?

While working with this process I have recently been given a visual glimpse of how this energy manifests in a person’s nonphysical field as brilliant light-filled filaments – and I would like to share it with you here.

Allow yourself to imagine for a moment that you are sitting directly in front of yourself (as in a mirror reflection); you can clearly see your body, your smiling face, even the texture of your clothes and color of your hair. As you clarify this image you see yourself take a breath; your chest rises and falls in a very relaxed and contented way. Now, blur your inner sight slightly by focusing on the field just surrounding your body. With your attention on achieving greater understanding of the life-supporting light filaments that we are talking about here, allow your awareness to begin to visualize spirals shooting outwards from your body for about 12 inches to two feet.

As you put your attention on one of these filaments you will see that they are very much like spiraling tendrils of bright rainbow colored light, delicate and vibrating with energy and very much alive. These spirals represent your connection to the moments (past and future) of your life that are meant to nurture a positive sense of self and promote a strong sense of personhood. Essentially they are like a plant’s roots that permeate a body’s energy field supplying vital energy to the physical body and energizing the mind. These energy filaments actually supply the body’s meridians with life giving energy (the spark of life). Some folks might say that these filaments are also connected to your Akashic records, and indeed some of them are.

When the energy filaments become clogged with dark thoughts due to crisis, raging hormones, faulty mind-programming or disruptive environmental factors, a person can become depressed, down-hearted, despondent and have difficulty reaching out to others for help and connection (basically; a full range of d-words).

What clogs energy filaments?

In examining my own energy filaments I found that the thing that clogs them up is fear; not particularly surprising. Just recognizing that the element that blocks a filament as ‘fear’ does not necessarily release that blockage. In order to really clear this kind of block a person must put their attention directly on the experience that it is connected to – and I’m not recommending that you schedule some time with your therapist here. To get a clear idea of how this works and what you can do to clear and regenerate your own energy system let’s look at a sample filament.

Put your imagination on the visualization I presented previously; your mirror-self. Get a good look at the spiraling energy filaments surrounding your body and pick one that looks a little weak. Put your full attention on this filament and ask to know what circumstance it is related to. More often than not you will find yourself at a previous time in your life, revealing perhaps a childhood memory. Let’s imagine that this particular childhood memory hallmarks a moment when you felt embarrassed and confused; for this purpose let’s imagine that you were giving a report in front of the class. As you are reading the notes from the paper in your hand, your mind freezes, your words stumble and for whatever reason you can not complete the report without completely falling apart. Your classmates erupt in a quiet hiss of disapproval and your teacher gives you ‘the look’ as you make your way shamefaced back to your desk. Crawling into the cubby under your desk is not an option, so the best you can do is hide your head in your hands until class is over.

Every time you recall this moment thereafter you feel repelled by the sting of negative emotion brought about by the fear and humiliation you experienced in front of your classmates; so you do what any god fearing person would do – you block the memory, swearing to never think about it again. This conviction is supported by your body which elicits a flow of hormones and brain chemicals that activate your emotional system in such a way as to keep you from revisiting these terrible thoughts – and over time the thoughts actually become more powerful than the original incident. Twenty years later you find your body failing and your energy depleted but you can’t figure out what the problem is. Well, the problem is that more than one of your nonphysical energy filaments has become blocked due to a painful memory, just like the one we explored above. The reason why this is a problem is because the block you erected to keep from revisiting that horrible event is also blocking all of the positive, happy, nurturing moments that happened up to that instance. And it’s that kind of vital energy that we as human beings living in an organic vehicle called ‘a body’ need in order to thrive. In other words; we are literally vitalized by the positive experiences of our lives – or more accurately the positive experiences we allow ourselves to remember. And conversely; every tiny little dark thought we harbor blocks our ability to be physically healthy and happily engaged in our world – in other words: unhappy thoughts are murder.

There is more to Positive Thinking than just repeating a mantra

So, the next time you have a sense of being depressed or unable to enjoy a moment as it happens – or if you feel stuck in a situation, take a look at your energy filaments and make an effort to visualize a flow of clear white light, allowing any blockages to be washed away. In the process you will likely recall whatever the original instance was that created the block – but chances are you won’t be held back by that block. Particularly if you are determined to blast it out of your system, knowing that only the light of positivity and well-being will remain. Give a try.