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It is important to understand that your dream belongs to you. It's not something you can give away or assign a meaning to outside of yourself. The work I do here, deciphering dreams to suss out unique messages - isn't a job - it's a passion. Lists of archaic symbols don't appeal to me - although I do have a deep understanding of symbology and archetypal languages. The dreams I work with aren't superficial, they are significant and quite often intense for the dreamer. The only way to get to the core of a dream message is to tap into what the dreamer's spirit or 'inner self' is trying to convey. That's what I attempt to do with every dream I work with.

If you have a dream that is puzzling you, or if you have a recurring dream that you just can’t seem to get to the bottom of, there is help available. When you take the time to tap into the deeper meaning of a dream (especially a significant dream) you immediately avail yourself to your own inner teacher. In this way dreams can help guide you through troubling circumstances and difficult situations. And actually, this is exactly what dreams are meant to do – to give you insight, offer solutions, provide support and point you in the right direction.

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Resolve Personal Issues

You're here because you have had an unusual dream and you're looking for insight. You've come to the right place! For many years now I have offered dream decoding on Quora - a platform that is interesting, but not private. The dreams submitted here are always private and confidential. See my Quora dream exchanges here.


Intuitive and accurate

For more than three decades I have studies symbols in life, death and the dream space and I have helped people understand the deeper meanings of their most intimate dreams for at least that long. Aiding me in this endeavor is my unique ability to tap into the dreamer's source or soul energy which sometimes makes it possible for me to relate the individual soul intention behind the dream.

Recent Reviews

Thank you, you hit every single thing right. My mother and I had a terrible relationship, she took a lot of my unanswered questions to her grave with her. However, I did have to face some horrible truths about my relationship with her, and they crushed me beyond. I will never know the answers to things I had asked her about.

C. Curtis 8.27.22

Extremely (helpful), thank you very much.

J. Warren · 8.28.22

How beautiful, Thank You!

Kali. WhoDances 3.14.22

This explanation exactly fits the dream I had last night. Ty for clarifying what the dream meant! ♡

H. Denwa 9.22