Get Multi-Dimensional: Save the Planet

Consciousness of connection and the Caretakers of Life

There is much misunderstanding about the various dimensions that writers and speakers talk about in spiritual circles these days. There are so many confusing discrepancies that describe those outside of our familiar 3rd dimension, the various attributes and functions associated with them, and how these dimensions can affect our physical and nonphysical lives. The fact is, the options are wide open and completely up to interpretation. Having pondered this recently, I would like to share with you my multi-dimensional experiences and I am open and eager to hear some feedback on this topic as I plan to collect this information for future posts.

First Dimension

When I visit the first dimensional frequency, I am instantly drawn into the center core of the earth, down through the over-layers of the 3rd and 2nd levels of awareness. What I find here is a place of extreme and intense light containing the rawest form of creation energy. This level represents the original plane of intelligence that merged with the forming planet Earth billions of years ago, the intelligence that oversees the forming of life supporting elements on earth, and the power to create life itself (see Our Lives as Light Beings).

Visually, what I call the Caretakers of Life appear to me to be very large lightform beings. These beings radiate powerful energetic waves that influence how, where and when life is created on this planet. It is their intention to support the constant arrival of new species, to safeguard life as it exists on earth and to eliminate anything that might disrupt this process through naturally occurring events such as earthquakes, storms, and by monitoring the amount of solar radiation that is allowed to enter our atmosphere, etc.

By and large these beings are very welcoming to 3rd dimensional visitors who can reach this realm through meditation and prayer.

Second Dimension

The second dimension represents the elemental level of creation and this level of intelligence can and will manifest into the 3rd dimension as more or less common creatures of folklore; fairies, elves, some angels, and non-corporeal life forms (think of ancient god-like beings such as the Kachinas, Isis, Artemis, etc.). They may also appear as orbs, spirals and spheres of light, forms that most modern humans can accept as ‘unusual’ where they would automatically reject any form reminiscent of myth or fantasy.

The function of these beings is to draw forth the first dimensional energies to create and perpetuate life on earth, to support ecosystems and habitats and to sustain variety of species. These creatures work on the level of DNA in order to manifest change in all forms of life. I am told that the governing forces of 2nd dimensional species vary from those present on landmasses verses those monitoring the oceans and waterways. There is also a distinct governing force over all forms of minerals, chemicals, and other elements found on the periodic table. They are all equally accessible to humans bearing open minds and hearts.

Heed the Call: A Warning and an Invitation

With the advent of the modern mindset that led to the explosion of the human population combined with wholesale destruction of environments perpetuated by industrialization and human stupidity. Combine that with the complete lack of awareness or belief in the elemental dimension and we get what I understand to be the most serious breach in the original contract written to perpetuate life on earth as we know it. Second dimensional beings have been a fixture on this planet since the very beginning, and in service to Mother Creator. The evolving intelligence of human beings was meant to inform the 1st dimension through our coexistence with the 2nd dimension. We do this by acknowledging this connection in all endeavors involving our immediate environment. Think of Native Americans and their connection to nature, honoring the four directions, etc., or the practice to honor the life of a deer before killing it to feed the family.

We are hearing much talk about the changes we need to make in order to preserve a future for the human race. Part of that discussion has to do with returning to a simpler way of life more connected to the earth, as well as restoring habitats and preserving species. The key to making that happen is reconnecting with the 2nd dimensional frequencies of creation. Once this connection is made, change to the environment can and will happen seemingly instantaneously. At the very least, connecting to the 2nd dimensional frequencies will support any and every effort made to recover a species or environments, efforts ranging from restoring waterways and habitats, to reestablishing native species to growing a backyard garden.

Where We Went Wrong

You might ask yourself, how can simply not ‘believing’ in elementals cause such chaos in the world? The answer is simple, and complicated at the same time.

The crux of the matter lies with the arrival of institutionalize Christianity, not to say that there was or is anything wrong with Yeshua the Christ or the teachings that came from that time, but rather the intention to perpetuate the powers that came to rule the (Roman) church, and the body of people following the concepts of Christianity. The reason this was so detrimental has to with the way they systematically wiped out all native forms of worshiping the earth and connection to the elements of the earth. This goes for all European beliefs that were cast into the general category of ‘evil’ such as; the Celts, women healers, midwives, herbalists, ancient myths, and all other forms of wisdom and lore that previously worked to keep people connected and honoring the 2nd dimensional frequencies. With the arrival of the white races to the American continent (and elsewhere) the same systematic elimination of peoples and beliefs tagged as heretical eliminated nearly all of these connections to the earth as well.

Doomsday or Paradise?

As I mentioned earlier, humans are in fact created to coexist with the 1st and 2nd dimensional levels of intelligence. This type of connection is what is behind the seemingly amazing changes in DNA that baffled scientists since Darwin. Swift changes in the genetic structures of life forms have made for some very interesting adaptations to bodies currently living on the planet. Without these swift changes many species would not be able to survive the on-going evolution of the planet. A seamless connection from the 3rd dimensional life forms to the 2nd and 1st (and back again) have made these changes possible. When so many populations of humankind turned their attention away from this vital bond, by denying their relationship to the earth, they inadvertently halted the energetic flow of life coming from the core of the earth.

What I am being told is that this block of information and intelligence to and from the core beings is having a detrimental impact on their ability to continue to support life on earth. If we do not change this situation, they will be unable to protect the earth environments and life forms on the planet.

Critical Mass

If you are following the information coming out from all sources including scientists, scholars, astronomers and spiritual speakers, you are undoubtedly aware of the fact that our planet is in the process of moving into a new location in the cosmos, and indeed this is all part of a larger opportunity to create a new, higher vibration on the planet.

In order to activate this opportunity enough of us must create a consciousness of connection to the lower two dimensional intelligence in order to speed up healing to the oceans and all oceanic life forms, to living creatures on land and in the skies, as well as to the land itself and to the waterways specifically. It’s great if we can all accept more love into our lives but we cannot become the ‘enlightened’ beings we strive to become without a planet on which to play out our lives. This is the message from the 1st dimensional Caretakers of Life. Their intention is to make changes based on incoming intelligence and for hundreds, if not thousands of years the available intelligence coming from us 3rd dimensional humans has been nil – and therefore their ability to manifest and protect life has been altered to the point where they’re essentially driving blind.

Meet the Caretakers

The best, and perhaps the only way, to meet the Caretakers is to meditate with the intention of moving down through the 3rd dimension, into and through the 2nd dimension (one must keep focused on the 1st dimension otherwise you might get distracted in the 2nd), arriving at the first. It really is quite simple. Once in the first dimension you will be drawn to the core of the earth, visions here may vary, but ultimately your goal is to send out a message to this space that you honor and desire to support the strongest connection available between yourself and the earth mother, the surface of the earth and the Caretakers of Life. (I tend to visualize both my heart center and the earth as a toroidal vortex, through the center of which one may reach the first dimension.) Meditating in nature will accelerate this process.

How will this meditation and connection to the 1st dimension change your life? My bet is that anyone utilizing this meditation practice will rapidly become more aware of their natural surroundings. You may find yourself repelled by objects and creations of man that block our new connection to the earth including; cell phones, televisions, computers (although they do have their attributes), all things concrete and asphalt, processed and contaminated food products, and quite possibly – to people who are unconsciously going about their lives. You might have overwhelming urges to plant a garden, to read food labels, to spend time outdoors, to rescue animals and to hug trees, babies and strangers. Results may vary.