Past Lives

The long story

What’s the point of remembering past lives, or a supposed past lives, when there’s plenty going on in your current life without trying to figure out what happened perhaps hundreds, if not thousands of years ago in some random lifetime?

In my experience, people can and do use past life recall to validate current attitudes, to instigate feelings of self-justification and more often than not, as an entertaining parlor trick for friends. I’ve seen supposed ‘sensitives’ or psychics ramble on to gullible self-help seekers about past lives they have no way of validating or relating to, hoping the past life stories will add intrigue to an already sketchy reading.

Sourcing the past

I’m here to tell you — if you really want to know what your past lives were like, ask yourself first – then trust what you get for an answer. Most of us know, or should know, the difference between fantasy and true introspective visioning; fantasy is led by your own consciously developed ideas of what you might like to have happen and it takes considerable mental effort and time to plot out — while introspective visioning unfolds after very little prompting with a force and rapidity that seems more than a little astonishing. Introspective visioning quite often also relays information that is visceral and very nearly tangible, leaving behind scents in the air, tastes on the tongue, and sights and sounds of another time literally burned onto the landscape of your mind. Once you’ve had a genuine past life recall, you will know you didn’t – or more accurately could not have — made it up.

The one true reason to seek out past life recall in my opinion is to help heal the unfinished business of life, to gain greater understanding of situations, relationships and ideas or concepts we may have about ourselves and others that keep us from fully expressing our creative potential. It’s also a good way to release feelings of fear, doubt and guilt and a great way to explore ways to forgive oneself and other people in the here and now. Ultimately, it’s the highest form of self-help tool for anyone eager to step into a renewed sense of purpose, leading to a more authentic expression of life.

For more than two decades I have had spontaneous past life recall. Now, no matter how you might feel about that phenomenon – it simply isn’t something you can understand without experiencing first hand. And, if you haven’t experienced it, you’re probably skeptical about the possibility. But no matter how you feel about past lives, reincarnation or even history — the stories I’m about to relay are real and true to the fullest extent that I can recall.

My ability to tap into this information stems directly from a moment when I asked to know more about a certain relationship I found myself in – no holds barred. I simply wanted to understand what brought me to this place, to an interaction with this person. And I wanted to have greater understanding of what lesson I was supposed to take away from this experience.

My desire to understand was profound and heartfelt. And, apparently the cosmos was paying attention as I instantly found myself viewing what can only be described as a Cecil B. DeMille version of a lifetime so fantastic I couldn’t have made it up, had I tried. In panoramic, 3D, living color full of sound and emotion … the story unfolded in only a few seconds, although it depicted a lifetime of many years. After that experience which answered my questions of the moment completely, I have been able to tap into the stream of past lives at will – as long as my desire to know is to gain understanding – there is no delay in retrieving the information.