Dreams as past life memories

How do you know if dreams you are having are actually past life memories?

Past life memories that manifest as dreams have an entirely unique feel making them distinctly different from routine dreams. It's impossible to convey how that feels to someone who has never had the experience, but you certainly know it when you are the dreamer.

I have almost total recall of many of my past lives, but I have had only one significant past life scenario manifest as a dream. I can remember this dream quite clearly still, though it happened years ago. This type of recall is very different from your ordinary dream recall which normally fades as soon as you awaken. Typically, the only way you can keep a dream alive is if you immediately write down the details and then spend some time pondering the images. A past life dream is very different. It will stick in your memory with minimal prompting needed to recollect. And you’ll feel the residual emotions of the scenario every time you think about the dream.

Another telltale distinction of a past life memory masquerading as a dream is the dreamscape, where and when the dream takes place. The fashions will be accurate, and the landscape will be consistent. Also, the overall visuals will be much more vivid. These aspects are unusual when compared to the normal nighttime dream as it will convey a distinct time period, followed by a definite storyline that does not jump or fragment as regular dreams often do.

If you have a dream that is puzzling you, or if you have a recurring dream that you just can’t seem to get to the bottom of, there is help available. When you take the time to tap into the deeper meaning of a dream (especially a significant dream) you immediately avail yourself to your own inner teacher. In this way dreams can help guide you through troubling circumstances and difficult situations. And actually, this is exactly what dreams are meant to do – to give you insight, offer solutions, provide support and point you in the right direction.

Discovering the deeper meanings of a dream can help on so many levels from personal to professional -from mundane to spiritual. Information gleaned from dreams can help to shine light on relationships, offer new ideas and inspiration, reveal opportunities for shadow work - all so that you can heal personal connections and help you to break out of old patterns that may be holding you back.