What do houses mean in a dream?

To build a burning house

People dream about houses frequently, and it’s one of the most asked about symbols in my experience. The first thing I like to talk about when decoding this symbol is to realize that physical dream structures can often convey something about the personality and beliefs that form the dreamer's personality. Solid structures have something to do with the more constant aspects of the personality. These structures – especially structures we ‘live in’ reflect the thoughts and convictions we may mistakenly believe are unchangeable (what we believe in, what we thinks are 'facts', etc.).

Rooms tend to reflect various aspects of the personality where the levels of a building can talk about mental states such as subconscious (basements), higher consciousness (attic). For example, in dreams about bathrooms the dreamer may be dealing with something that needs to be released or flushed (toilet dreams). Dreams taking place in a kitchen may convey that the dreamer is in the process of learning something new (food for thought), or has been by confronted something in their waking life that needs to be mulled over (digested).

Actions happening around the home can reflect emotions that the dreamer needs to deal with in order to make good decisions. A home that is burning can be referring to the dreamer’s anger, and where that fire is located might say something about a particular situation that is causing the anger. Also, violent scenarios can indicate that the dreamer is at a place where they’re ready to remove themselves from the previous constructs of their reality, and they’re willing to do it in such a way that there is no turning back. This could happen when you have undergone a personal transformation that requires you to completely re-frame your perspective on the world, such as a divorce or the death (or betrayal) of someone considered family.

When you find yourself remodeling a home or room it likely reflects some change of mind that you are undergoing that is leading to a better way of perceiving yourself (usually).

And the most common question I get about homes or houses in a dream is ‘…why do I keep dreaming about my childhood home?’ I love this scenario because it is so direct and dynamic in its purpose. When dreaming about the house (or houses) we grew up in, our inner self is providing an insight into how we’re still being influenced by the patterns and ideas we picked up as children – usually from our parents and siblings. Over time, these dreams can reveal the dreamer's own personal evolution by reflecting how the home-of-origin is changing. This can happen as you remodel various rooms, plant new things in the yard, rent out certain areas of the house, or – and ultimately this is what you’ll find as you individuate into your own person – you’ll pack up and move out (or better yet, you’ll move out and leave everything behind that you no longer need).

This is just a simple overview of some of the the symbols and scenarios a home can reflect the personal evolution and state of mind of the dreamer. There are entire books written on the symbols of dreams and ‘home’ and ‘house’ could take up several chapters.

If you have any questions about your dream symbols or if you’ve experienced a dream that you’d like to have some clarity on, feel free to contact me using the contact form. Until next time, sweet dreams.