Keeping Your Lightbody Clear

An important part of being able to tap into the newly available higher frequencies of creativity and Universal Intelligence is having an understanding of the human energy field. The human energy field is generally thought of as containing seven distinct layers that surrounds and interpenetrates the physical body. Each layer is connected to at least one of the body’s seven major chakra centers as it permeates all aspects and provides energy for life to each and every cell. The energy field can take on an egg shape or appear to be a clear bubble filled with spiritual light, color, sound, emotions and life-giving energy.

Two reasons for keeping your Lightbody ‘light’

First of all, it is important to realize that disturbances to the energy field can cause disease and illness and create problems with mental and physical well-being. Current scientific research has, in fact, found that potentials for physical, mental and emotional issues will manifest in the energy field well before any disease or other problem becomes evident in the physical body.

Another thing that can have a significant impact on a body and a person’s well-being has to do with something a bit more abstract, but equally important, called ‘energy’ or ‘spiritual attachments’. These sorts of attachments can be both necessary and positive (such as attachments to living loved ones) and negative (attachments to people with negative influences or harmful intentions and dead persons, as well as past life or karmic ties and nonphysical entities, etc.). Energy attachments can also be formed through random interactions with certain individuals without a person’s conscious knowledge or consent (i.e. ‘energy vampires’). These sorts of negative attachments can quite easily drain the natural flow of healthy, positive energy, leaving you feeling drained, irritable, temperamental and prone to depression and disease.

You are your own energy healer

Professional energy practitioners are trained in the art of removing disturbances that appear in the energy field as a way to prevent diseases from manifesting and as a way to restore the health and vitality of a person already suffering from stress or disease. You can do this same type of work on yourself right now and every day, using the techniques described below (either in part or entirely).

Clearing the Lightbody Technique

This is a technique I have employed periodically over the years and one that I have taken to use on a daily basis as part of my overall spiritual routine. It is a very simple, yet highly effective method and when used routinely, will help to improve your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being  Best of all it’s free and easy to do. Once you get used to the concepts listed below, doing this takes only about 10-15 minutes. Although you can do this exercise either in the bath or shower, I find it most effective while showering;

The most important thing is to feel comfortable in your space. You can (although it is not necessary) incorporate the use of lighting candles prior to showering as a way to signify to your whole being that this is a sacred process, and one you take most seriously.

1)      With the water running, take a moment to breathe deeply and consciously, relax and connect with your own higher power.

2)      In your mind’s eye visualize a rainbow of light surrounding you, or invoke a sphere of white light to encompass your body stretching outwards to at least six inches, and up to arm’s length.

3)      Begin to rotate in a clockwise direction under the shower spray – step outside of the spray allowing the water to rush through your energy field, just away from your skin. As you slowly rotate suggest to yourself (either out loud or silently) that the shower spray is now clearing away all dark energies from your field. Imagine contaminated or muddy energy being washed away as you continue to slowly rotate. Focus the spray into your field until you sense it is clear and clean of dark or muddy influences, (usually about 5 minutes).

4)      Now, turn your attention to where your chakras are located on your physical body (see diagram). Imagine the healthy connections you have with your loved ones (spouse, children, living parents, etc.) – these energy cords will appear clear, clean and usually of a silvery color – generally stemming from the heart chakra. Visualize the water cleaning and harmonizing these connections so that they will remain healthy and purposeful.

5)      Without concentrating on any other particular connection or cord begin to slowly rotate counter-clockwise and suggest to yourself that any and all other cords or attachments, coming into your field or going out of your field, which do not serve your highest possible good are now being cleared away. Visualize these connections loosening and disappearing from your energy field leaving it clear, clean and vibrating brilliantly with all of the colors of the rainbow.

At this point you should begin to feel fully refreshed and energized – beyond what you might feel after an ordinary shower. There are a few additional steps you can take if you should choose to do so;

1)      Step directly under the shower spray and visualize that it is now infused with golden light. Imagine that golden light spilling over your body, fortifying you with healthful vitality. Then imagine it pouring into your crown chakra and down your spine, filling up first every organ, tissue, gland and cell in your body and then flowing into your extended energy field with healing, nurturing golden light. Hold this image as long as you like.

2)      I also like to spend a little time spinning each chakra under the shower spray. As part of this process I imagine the back of the body where the energy for each chakra flows inward to be completely free of blocks and restrictions. Likewise on the front. Then suggest to yourself that each chakra is healthy and flowing in accordance with your highest possible healthfulness and vitality, and then imagine the chakras spinning naturally as vital life-giving light and energy flows freely and effortlessly throughout your system.