Canceling Karma

Traveling the Akashic

I envision myself standing in the center of a stream of timelines stretching as far back as the fiery birth of earth and well beyond, and forward into a mysterious future although still malleable, completely unknowable. At the point in which I stand I look backwards at a procession people and beings that extend infinitely, shrinking into the far distance.

Many faces, many images of every age, every sex, from every time and location on the earth look expectantly back at me as if imploring me to provide some insight or perhaps to beg me to remember or apply some long forgotten wisdom. In the other direction vague images ahead of me blur into ghostly apparitions of my self; only achieving definition when I apply intense concentration. Several of these amorphous figures seem to sense my attention and gesticulate wildly back in my direction with arms waving and pointing, seeming to prompt me to perform some task that I am yet oblivious to provide.

Suddenly feeling weary from lifetimes of living, I feel compelled to ask; Is this all there is? And, what is the urgency? Is this a moment in time that offers an opportunity, not just for me but for all of humanity, to activate a change in the unending cycle of birth and death, endless unconscious re-generations and incarnations that have so far led only into more complicated cycles of imagined ‘reality’?

As soon as this notion that some greater plan or opportunity to expand my consciousness might indeed exist, I am hit by a wave of emotion that doubles me over with an intense sense of futility, and then suddenly I become aware of a presence standing before me. Large and golden bright with indiscernible features, I am prompted to place my hand in the palm now extended in my direction.  Instantly I am whisked upwards with such speed and force that if I were in a physical body for this exercise I surely would be crushed by the event. Rising higher and higher into what I thought was a void I now become aware of brilliant stars all around and, from my vantage point, some of these pinpoints of light form swirls of galaxies minute in the vastness of space.

Together I and my large golden companion have somehow defied the known parameters of physics and are now happily suspended in space. We stand together gazing at the earth as she floats and spins around the golden globe of sun between us. Prompted by unspoken words to be observant, gradually I become aware of layers of colored debris surrounding and encircling the earth. From my new vantage point I find that I can instantly put my awareness into a layer of this ‘debris’ and explore exactly what is floating in this space. What I discover are varying multitudes of humanity, all discarnate, all believing both individually and collectively that they are either in an afterlife ‘paradise’ or that they are performing some self-fulfilling ‘karmic ‘or life pattern. Many prepare to reenter life-cycles back on earth while some entities appear to act as task masters, directing and assigning lesser informed beings into pre-destined scenarios prescribed to be advantageous or instructive. Hundreds of thousands of years have been invested in this process and very few, if any, seem to recall the original intention of engaging in endless cycles of repeating life patterns, although many erroneously profess to know the mind of God.

Absorbed as I am in observing the events and patterns unfolding before me I notice that occasionally, though rarely, a particularly energetic being will shoot out through the debris layers exactly like a shooting star might, zooming into the cosmos towards destinations unknown, a spark of light fading into the vastness of space. And sometimes a few venturesome types seem to collect in colorful groups away from the dense layers surrounding earth apparently to converge and collect for purposes of their own design. But no matter how many or how far they never wander far from the home planet system.

Now my attention returns to the large golden being before me who immediately begins to provide me with pertinent information. I can only describe our unique exchange in communication as a massive thought bubble projected at me in such a way that I can absorb the information at a rate and understanding suited to my own unique ability to receive. Much is conveyed and in order to share these ideas with you a little background might come in handy.


The many layers of currently recycling humanity have been created out of a state of consciousness based on what is essentially misinformation. Over the eons as the human mind or consciousness began to evolve and develop it was put under unexpected stress by the equally-developing emotional systems, which out of necessity are based solely on survival. A juxtaposition of these predominate forces was presented until they became so enmeshed that the very energy of mind became thick and dense, charged with emotions based on fear. This caused humanity’s nonphysical periods to be spent imprisoned in the growing mesh of discarnate beings circling the earth in ever-greater density.

I am informed that the original and intended capabilities of humanity included long periods out of incarnation which were intended to be uninhibited by the morass of evolutionary development on the earth. Human incarnates in particular were not obligated to return to lives on earth over and over again, instead they were encouraged to reemerge into their higher energy forms where they could reflect and incorporate the new earth life experiences in such a way as to inform the greater consciousness of All That Is. When the trappings of emotion began to weigh down an incarnates ability to recall the original premise for participating on the earth school, out-of-body entities soon became confused and lost their way, inadvertently creating the dense layers now surrounding earth.

Though they may have tried, greater beings such as my large golden friend, were unable to intervene and have been instead compelled to wait until such a time as a big enough mass of humanity might become so disenchanted by the endless recycling life patterns that they might looks upwards out of the darkness and seek help. This is that time.