Dreaming a better life

dreaming a better life

Why Dreams Matter

Dreams offer more than just a peek into our unconscious nighttime excursions. When we take the time to hone an ability to remember nightly dream images and story lines, a treasure trove of information and insight can be revealed. As we avail ourselves to these dream insights we have the opportunity to discover who we really are and why we are here living this life.

The inner Dream Weaver

Anyone who studies dreams, at least on some level - understands that a subtle thread runs through the more memorable dreams and – when we pay attention to it - somehow this thread mysteriously offers intimate insights into the dreamer’s own character, beliefs, and mindset.

The highly intelligent essence behind this thread is a sort of weaver of dreams – a mysterious being – or intelligence - who has the ability to stitch together the seemingly random mindstuff of our nighttime wanderings into a creation of specific images and scenarios, all laid out like a colorful living skein of the life we live. When we tap into the messages of this mystical dream designer, we can see how our dream images and scenarios are actually intended to guide us into becoming the best expression of ourselves that we can be.

Working with this kind of inner counsel is like having access to the best therapist on the planet - right inside your own head. Best of all, it is not judgmental or critical, rather is the most loving being and its only goal is to get you to ‘wake up’ to who you really are – a magnificent cocreator of your own life.

Are all dreams relevant?

Sure, some dreams are simply replays of last night’s horror film or yesterday’s binge of video gaming adventures, but many dreams are gifts from a deeper, or perhaps higher aspect of our human experience, something that goes way beyond the mundane.

How to discover what your inner Dream Weaver is trying to tell you.

There are some very simple tools available to help you to remember and work with the intelligence behind dreams, but no matter how you do that – once you start logging your own dreams you will soon discover the patterns and messages of what your inner counsel wants you to understand. This is important work, and everyone can and ought do it.

Dreaming a better life takes work

The information revealed in dreams can help to point out things in your life that you’re doing well and offer signposts to opportunities that shouldn’t be missed. When you pay attention, your inner Dream Weaver might for example, let you know when it’s time to get help with something that’s holding you back or offer clues to understanding your own life lessons so that you can avoid upcoming or ongoing pitfalls, and better deal with problems. Dreams can also guide us to new experiences that support our personal growth and well-being and point out when it’s time to learn something new. Personal growth is the common theme behind most messages offered by the inner dream counsel because while we’re alive there’s always room for growth, change and improvement.