Shifting Into 2017

What are your spiritual priorities?

My spiritual journey makes up most of my life, and in some ways I feel a little lopsided because of that. I don’t have many friends, and I have difficulty sustaining a presence in groups of people – particularly people who prattle on about things that ring meaningless to me. I find it nearly impossible to engage in work that doesn’t serve some kind of higher purpose. Programs and movies that emphasize social confusion and/or violence cause me serious physical pain.

Clearly, I was born introverted and although I have achieved quite a few amazing things during my life –  and I worked diligently and successfully for several years to be a ‘leader’, the level of isolation that I have managed to achieve over the past five years certainly has not served to ‘bring me out of my shell’ (something we introverts are constantly urged to strive for by well-meaning extroverts). However, it has given me the opportunity to embrace a much higher sense of spiritual practice and it continues to expand my field of awareness on a daily basis.

New Age, New Millennium, New World

There seems to be many people talking about the beginning of a new era which recently ended when the Mayan calendar ran out of days. With only a few exceptions people seem to be a bit confused about what did or did not happen – and I have run across more than a few blogs and posts where the writers are back peddling now due to the fact that many of their ‘channeled’ or ‘well-informed’ predictions seem to have vaporized without causing so much as whimper from the masses.

As an avid meditator I also have been tuned into this dawning of a new era and I’ve read and listened to enough lectures, articles, interviews, books and posts on the subject to fill up a good sized blimp. But being the person I am, I have pretty much stuck to my own inner promptings on the subject, promptings that come from personal experience, and my explorations of non-local realities.

The Big Blue Blazing Teacher

For a period of time during my 20’s I paid special attention to my dreams, taking care to write down each nocturnal production so that I could analyze and stitch together the threads of information brought about through seemingly vague symbols and strong feelings. One night, while in the midst of a rather mundane dream scenario, I found myself literally whisked upwards and out of the dream. I found myself standing in an expansive stretch of outer space; the earth before me, the planets spinning dutifully about the sun, untold numbers of glittering stars winking in the distance. Across from me was an enormous being that appeared as a glowing indigo blue blaze or a ‘teacher is dark robes’ as I recorded at the time. As this being captured my full attention ‘he’ said: “All the world, and life, is an illusion. The only thing that is real is Desire. All you need to do is realize your one true Desire and all that is illusion will fall away.” As soon as I ‘got’ the message I was immediately plunked back down into my dream – as if I’d never left it to begin with.

In the years since this experience many books have been written about the illusionary characteristics of our world, but at the time of my dream – those works were not even a spark in the imagination of spiritual leaders, much less something anyone would write about. Although I am sure the idea has always been an aspect of transcendent discussions, it was not something I had been exposed to up to that point. And thus my understanding that the exterior world is simply an illusional creation has been a guiding force in all of my spiritual exploration since. This knowledge has made it nearly impossible for me to naively follow ancient writings, popular teachings and proclamations or channeled information – although I have found worthy nuggets among all of these sources that I carry even today.

What happened to our 2012 disaster?

As part of my quest for knowledge, I gradually became informed on all aspects of the 2012 phenomenon but I was able to lean away from fearful notions by adhering to my own inner promptings. Information I have received during meditation and moments of reverie over the past 12 months or so has underscored the fact that, although disaster will not likely be the harbinger of change this time around, there is most certainly a shift in consciousness going on. There is an availability of higher levels of creativity and expanded levels of thought – and it is particularly available for those of us who have been riding the ‘transcendent train’ for a while.

Getting physical with the ‘changes’

My own experience has been very real – real in the physical sense and real in the mystical sense. Times of meditation are filled with amazing new experiences, nonphysical collaboration and gentle instruction, while at the same time longtime physical maladies are beginning to repair themselves and I am left with a much greater state of healthfulness, vitality, energy – and optimism. Chakra centers suddenly vibrate or feel very warm for no particular reason, and at the most ridiculous times of the day. Every prayer or blessing I am compelled to share with someone or thing is accompanied by visions of color and sensations of well-being – and my higher chakras vibrate as a result. So, to me the predictions of 2012 are real. Something truly amazing is unfolding – and we can take part to the exact level to which we Desire to participate.

Don’t get stuck in the old paradigm

One last note on ‘going with the flow’ of new energy and tapping into the universal intelligence – beware of allowing your thoughts to linger on fearful situations, ideas or tendencies. I have noticed that while some people are heralding the dawn of a new era in positive ways, other folks linger on discussions of disaster, scenarios of being controlled, and the need to be armed or ‘prepared’. Paying attention or letting your energy be sucked into any of these vortexes of fear and confusion will only distract you from the opportunities that are available right now.

It is my feeling that as a collective, the earth is in the process of dividing herself (leaving behind an Earth persona and taking on a more powerful Gaia persona) – rather like a cell that has matured and is dividing into another aspect of itself – and both will flourish in alternate realities – independently and from now on. Those of us who prefer to stay in the old school world where aggression and lack rule the day, will be able to do just that – and those of us who choose to step into a higher state of Gaia mind, will be able to do that. I also have the feeling that if we inadvertently turn our attention to the lower levels of mind, we could be accidentally pulled back into the slower evolving earth school – and we might miss this precious window that leads to an acceleration of the life experience on Gaia. It’s almost like we are shifting into a new level of space-time existence and this is the one time we can choose when and which experience we prefer. So, strive to stay tuned into the Universal Intelligence of unconditional love and gratitude. Trust your inner promptings. And freely and generously bless any one or situation that needs to be elevated – but don’t get stuck in the need – go with the flow and always take a higher perspective.