Turbo Charging Your Kundalini Experience

Kicking up the Kundalini

Lighting up your Lightwork by supporting your physical body’s healthfulness

(You can’t have one without the other …)

Definition: Kundalini – kun·da·li·ni Noun /ˌko͝ondlˈēnē/
(in yoga) Latent female energy believed to lie coiled at the base of the spine
A system of meditation directed toward the release of such energy

What if you are a Lightworker, but exposure to environmental toxins has clogged up the glands in your body to the point that you can no longer access that mysteriously profound but often speculated about ‘kundalini flow’? What is kundalini anyway? Well, undoubtedly most of us have heard about it, and some of us have experienced it but contrary to folklore, kundalini is not something that happens once, and you’re done. Kundalini can, and more often than not, happens gradually — and once activated, it is an organic process that will continue throughout your lifetime. Anyone who meditates on a routine basis is familiar with the sensation it can create as you dive into the ocean of its psychic reward on a daily basis. Rather than being some mysterious spiritual experience only ‘enlightened’ gurus can access, Kundalini actually happens thanks to a magical process of the body associated with elevated functions of the endocrine system.

Hormones 101

The endocrine system is a complex system consisting of glands in the body that produce hormones like; the thyroid gland in the throat, the pituitary gland in the brain, the adrenals, pancreas and ovaries in the abdomen, and the testicles. Hormones produced by glands act as chemical messengers, controlling many basic functions like growth, reproduction, digestion, blood pressure, blood glucose levels, fluid and – emotional balance (this is important!). Some examples of hormones might be insulin from the pancreas, (controls blood glucose), and estrogen from the ovary and testosterone from the testicles.

Basically speaking, a kundalini rush happens when the endocrine system is functioning at its highest efficiency allowing glands located all along the spine to send those vitally important chemical messages to the brain that says: Let Go! (or perhaps; Let’s Go!). Without some level of this happening, meditations can become stagnant and dreams can become foggy and disjointed leaving a person feeling spiritual uninformed (which, of course, is what dreams are meant to be; informative).

Under normal circumstances, hormones flow through the blood stream to organs or cells where they perform familiar functions including; the pituitary hormone from the brain which causes the ovary to release an egg, or from the adrenal gland to prepare the body to face stress (fight or flight). Other hormones are released within an organ or surrounding tissue and act locally and provide important roles in reproduction and development. When the endocrine system is healthy and functioning harmoniously the hormones and vital chemistry it produces supports brain and body in concert which in turn supports mental clarity and emotional balance – vitally important aspects for people who are involved in spiritual work.

Environmental toxins pollute the body and restrict the Light

In our overly complicated and aggressively chemical-saturated world, the delicate balance of our bodies have become more and more difficult to maintain thanks to the rampant use of vaccines, fluoride infused drinking water, mercury laced dental fillings and highly processed food and drink products that we American’s just can’t seem to live without. That’s to say nothing about all of the chemicals that are leached into our air thanks to factories spewing heavy metals (like mercury and lead), airplanes leaving behind toxic jet trails, and wastewater plants recycling pharmaceuticals and other toxins right back into our oceans and drinking water. Oh, and let’s not forget about pesticides and herbicides or the plastics that leach untold levels of toxins into all forms of our food. Does a body even stand a chance?

Hormones and Higher Consciousness

Here’s the deal; in order to realize your highest spiritual potential your body must be able to maintain a certain level of health. That is not to say that people who are chronically ill or physically disabled cannot also tap into a spiritual ‘vib’ – because that can certainly happen. What I am saying is that in order for the average person to even have a novice level spiritual experience (in lieu of a full blown near-death-experience), all – or most – of the body’s glands must function properly and be clear and free of toxins. It is absolutely necessary that glands be able to excrete necessary hormones at just the right moment and at just the right rate for a person to access higher consciousness. At the very least, a healthy endocrine system acts like a catalyst to nonphysical, otherworldly experiences often associated with deep meditation, dream visions and psychic or intuitive knowings.

Fluoride shuts down the Third Eye

Chemicals such a fluoride have long been suspected of clogging or inhibiting glands – including one of the most important ones for lightworkers and spiritual seekers; the pineal gland. In essence fluoride is thought to bind to the pineal gland effectively calcifying it to the point that it no longer functions – or functions poorly. One of the symptoms of this problem is insomnia — but I suspect that many of us are already inhibited by toxins like fluoride long before insomnia shows up. In fact, I suspect that a clogged pineal gland has a lot to do with behavioral issues like ADHD, out of control and violent anger issues and most certainly, lack of empathy — but I don’t have a PhD to back up that notion, so it’s only an intuitive insight from my point of view. To top that off, fluoride has the ability to stimulate the harmful effects of other elements like mercury and other heavy metals which are introduced from the environment into the body, potentially making those toxins even more harmful than they might otherwise be.

Mercury Breaks Down the Immune System

And since we are on the topic of more common toxins let’s talk about mercury. Chronic mercury toxicity is often associated with the use of ‘silver’ dental amalgams and symptoms can range from numbness and tingling to paralysis, tremors, severe pain and a myriad of autoimmune disorders. Milder symptoms include lethargy, blurred vision, dizziness, unexplainable muscle aches and numbness. Once introduced into a person’s circulatory system (including through the placenta directly into the body of a fetus) mercury binds to tissues in organs where it builds up toxicity and breaks down the immune system wreaking havoc on the health of organs and glands throughout the body.

Clearing the body of toxins to promote a greater sense of Oneness

There are many supplements you can take to gently support a flush of environmental toxins – aiming at fluoride and heavy metals for our purposes – while at the same time supporting overall healthy functions of the endocrine system including;


One of the things that support proper endocrine function is iodine and one of the important elements that is missing from a body ravaged by toxins is iodine. Kelp is loaded with iodine and is also recognized as a blood purifier as it absorbs and removes toxins like fluoride. However, eliminating fluoride from the body using iodine can deplete a person’s calcium level, so it is a good idea to also take an effective calcium/magnesium supplement while supplementing with kelp. Lecithin is recommended by some authorities as an adjunct to using iodine (or kelp).

Kelp, like other seaweeds is rich in sodium alginate, which is an element effective at protecting the body from radiation exposure (think of whatever levels of radiation now reaching the Oregon Coast from the nuclear breach from Japan).

Kelp or seaweed is reportedly able to remove radiation from the system by up to 50 to 80 percent. (Check out Costco for their Seasoned Seaweed Packs – it’s a delicious and enjoyable way to include Kelp in your diet.)

In its healthy production of hormones the thyroid gland relies on its ability to absorb iodine from the bloodstream — a process that is regulated by the pituitary gland (which takes us back to the importance of flushing fluoride from the body – and avoiding it in future by using filtered water).

A variety of additional options:

Also recommended for eliminating fluoride (as well as heavy metals and other toxins) are taking dry saunas (which activates the sweat glands to eliminate even more toxins through the pores), increased levels of Vitamin C supplements, melatonin (be careful with melatonin though – too frequent use can make you stupid – or at least that’s how it works for me) and possibly; turmeric, cayenne and parsley.

Don’t forgo daily Magnesium Supplements

To help protect the body from absorbing toxins and heavy metals in the future, be sure to increase your intake of magnesium – and if you enjoy a leisurely soak, a warm bath with Epson salts is a great way to increase your body’s magnesium levels (it is best absorbed best through the skin). Here are a few additional super food and important supplements to consider along with an explanation of how they work;


Cilantro has been found to remove heavy metals like mercury, aluminum and lead from the body. It is believed to cross the blood-brain barrier and actually remove heavy metals from the brain.


This is a super food that captures heavy metals in the body so that they can be flushed out via the digestive system. Chlorella is actually a cultivated algae that consists of phytoplankton (free floating aquatic plants that are derived from plankton). It contains vitamin B12, vitamin C, vitamin A, protein, iron, and 19 different amino acids. When used to detoxify the body, chlorella helps to deactivate heavy metals like mercury, lead, and cadmium and flushes them from the system naturally. The algae are available in many forms including liquids, powders, capsules and tablets.

Take Milk Thistle to support the process:

Milk Thistle protects the liver against toxins which could potentially be damaging to the organ. This supplement also increases the production of glutathione in the liver, a vital substance for detoxification. In one study, milk thistle use raised the glutathione levels in the body more than 30 percent; meaning that the liver was much more effective at cleansing the body and eliminating toxic substances.

drink plenty of waterAnd one last word

Drink plenty of clean filtered water when undergoing a toxin cleanse and be sure to get plenty of routine exercise to help the body flush unwanted elements from muscles, bones and deep tissue. Exercise also helps to activate the lymphatic system which is another very important source for elimination of toxins from the body and one that cannot be flushed by any other means than rigorous physical movement.

Coming up next:

In the next article I will discuss how clearing and charging beverages can aid in healing and promote personal and spiritual growth. As part of that discussion we will touch on energy meridians and the importance of clearing blocks. See you then …