What if something wonderful happened today?

How to Ignite Infinite Possiblities into Your Day

Like so many of us, I find myself struggling to keep from being dragged down the vortex of ignorance and stupidity that seems to fill the news these days. The obvious meanness happening everywhere you look is enough to make a sensitive person such as myself want to close up the ol' heart center and move onto a friendlier planet.

But, I persist. The other day I was listening to Matt Kahn's latest video titled "The Will of Your Heart" in which he reminds us that most of us spend too much of our time "... hoping something bad doesn't happen." That message resonated with me enough to keep brewing in the back of my mind for some days. As I took an even more critical look at my own thought processes, I realized that I too spend way too much time worrying about bad stuff I don't want to have happen. Or, hoping that it doesn't happen. What a waste of time, that is! Not to mention all those nasty seeds I'm planting in the field of future possibilities simply by focusing on what I don't want.

Then, as so much of my own evolution happens - spontaneously, I began to find myself adopting a new subtext for my mental chatter. This subtext is turning out to be EXTREMELY powerful! Truly so, I say! I can't predict for how long this switch in my brain and body will last, but for right now -- it feels pretty darn good. Here are a few ways I notice changes happening:

1) I am happy for no reason.

2) I can see the bad news without getting stuck in it's dark patterns.

3) My body is vibrating at a much higher frequency - it 'feels' good!

4) People in passing seem to be drawn to smile at me and are more inspired to say something nice.

5) New ways of 'spinning out' old patterns (as Meg Benedictine might say) are popping up in my experience several times a day. This is helping me to feel like I am actually able to move beyond my programing.

6) Alternate panoramic higher-vibe timelines are flowing through my awareness in vague and unusual ways. It's as if I'm watching some other version of myself ENJOYING life - based on decisions I clearly haven't made in this lifetime.

7) I have more energy.

8) My level of creativity is expanding by the moment (which is why you are able to read this rare post).

What, might you ask, is the coded word combo that I've adopted to make all of these miraculous things happen? I'll tell you. It's simple.

Immediately upon waking I interrupt the usual morning mind chatter with a phrase which I repeat out loud and/or quietly to myself all through the morning (while driving, while walking the dog, while washing the dishes, while mowing the lawn, etc.). That phrase is, "Wouldn't it be awesome if something wonderful happened today!" This is certainly not a verbatim phrase. I vary it according to my mood and what (magically) pops into my head. Some  variations might include:

Maybe something wonderful will happen today!

It would be so great if something wonderful, healing, nurturing, restorative, healthy, joyful happened today!

I would really love it if something new happened today.

I wonder if something awesome is just around the corner - for me, for the country, for the world. Wouldn't that be awesome!

Wouldn't it be amazing if something super awesome happened for me today?

and ... Maybe something awesome will start happening right now, that will make the world a better place ... and I'm just planting the seed for that to occur with these thoughts and words.

So, you get the idea here. And maybe reading those lines sounds a bit too simple, or contrived, or unlikely. But I'm telling you ... this is the way to unwind those nasty auto-programs from your brain -- and by doing that -- we are making room for something wonderful to happen!

Give it a try. Let me know how it works.