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What does it mean if I had a recurring dream about a train running me down up until I moved out of the house?

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Trains are about ideas that have a strong direction and force, such as what you ‘should’ be doing or where you ‘should’ be headed in life. Generally these ideas are bound to ridged notions about how the world ‘really’ works and they can be helpful or they can be oppressive.

So it sounds like this dream is referring to a situation in your life that seemed unavoidable and probably it was something you felt was an expectation placed on you by the people around you, whether that was your family or someone else. You're not riding the train, you're at risk of being run over and that says this is a situation you want to avoid and are in the process of reidentifying who you really are so that you can choose a new and better path in life.

If this is a recurring dream, then you're not quite to the point in your waking life where you feel truly empowered to make your own decisions, but the dream is reminding you that it's important for you to know that you do have a choice, and more than likely now is the time to stand up for yourself and choose a path that supports who you really are rather than what others expect you to be. Once you do that, this dream will stop repeating.

Hope this helps.