EarthStar 5th Dimension Activation: I Am A Creator Being Of Light

Be the Creator

I am a Creator Being. I am a Being of Light.

I am steadfast in my conviction to Live in Peace, Joy, Freedom and Harmony with all that is Good and True. I am a Creator Being of Light.

I activate my sovereign right to be in the flow of Abundant Good; to share, create, and expand the frequency and energy of Highest Oneness as I may be so Inspired.  I am a Creator Being of Brilliance and Light.

As the essence that animates this body I choose to align my Awareness to the Intelligence of the Universal LightForce, releasing all that might otherwise restrict my experience to the ethers forever. In this, I Am in perfect harmony with the EarthStar, Wisdom, Compassion and Creativity which activates the lightcells of my body form and informs my physical experience. I Am a Creator Being of Light.

I am the animator, the creator, the thoughtform action that drives this experience of living. Though this process of living I inform and expand the intelligent design of the Unified Field of Radiant Being, that place of grace and acceptance from where we all spring and to which we will return. I am a Creator Being of Light.

As are you.