Our Lives as Light Beings

The Evolution of Light Beings

(…) In requesting to know more about and in order to gain an understanding about the energy of Love, I was given the following narrative. The reason I wish to know has to do with a meditation memory that happened years ago where I was given to understand that the ancient mammoths were originally endowed with the Love energy. It was their soul obligation to carry the energy to keep it alive on earth. Upon their extinction it became the intent to have the earth based Love energy transferred into the humanoids who survived the Great Cataclysm. The Mammoths and the Mastodons were uniquely able to hold and radiate the frequency, although modern day elephants also have the capacity. There may be other receptive species on the planet, but mammoths represented the largest repository of land-based Love energies.

I wanted to understand where the Love energy or frequency originated. Is it a product of the human experience? Is it really an energy streaming from God, therefore originating in the heart of the Source? Or was there something else at play that enabled the Love frequency to emerge on this planet?

This is what I got: The great overall collective of God which split off from its original Source some billions of years ago traveled through the newly created cosmic universe(s). A certain aspect of this God source soon came upon a rock floating in space that had, through its own innate vibration created an attraction. The God source was so infatuated with this rock that it collected itself around it and began to explore the experiences emerging on new earth. The God source so enjoyed this experience that it became enamored with helping to support the tiny organisms that had begun to develop, for by the very observation of the life forms, their life energies were quickened. It other words, the attention from the God source seemed to cause the organisms to invigorate, creating a quickening that inspired and enhanced development of life in all of its known forms.

At first, the God source was largely separate from the life forms on earth, but no life form was separate from the God source. It came to pass, over billions of years, that the living efforts applied by all the burgeoning life forms began to create what we would call emotion, a by-product of the life experience. That vibration of emotion was in fact a reflection of the God source's attention, which made it possible for the God source to merge more deeply with the new creations. And, as the creatures became more complex more of the God source energy was invested in each new creation. This relationship allowed the God source to live life on earth from the inside out, rather from the outside in, which it found very exciting and fulfilling to its desire to learn, grow and create.

As the God source is infinite in all respects, the investment in each life did not diminish the source, in fact, as the lifetime was lived and the creature expired, the God source energy automatically returned to the God source pool, which helped to enhance the source's overall 'sourceness'. It's as if the experiences of each life were downloaded into the source once it returned, making it possible for the source to continue to learn and develop through these life experiences. But, as the life forms became more complicated it became apparent that the invested God source energy was getting entangled in the new life experiences, and it did not always return in so swift a fashion. In fact, some aspects of the God source energy seemed to forget that they originated at the source and chose to linger in nonphysical form for a time before returning to the source.



“In the attitude of silence the soul finds the path in a clearer Light, and what is elusive and deceptive resolves itself into crystal clearness.” Gandhi

Many years ago I ran across something in, of all places, the Reader’s Digest which turned out to be an inspiring description of where we all come from. Although I can no longer recall the exact wording I do remember that it talked about everyone being sparks of God. As a lifelong visionary I was propelled by that short verse to spontaneously recall who ‘I’ really am – and as it turns out – who we all are. An early spiritually transformative experience for me. It may surprise you to know that you also have a similar memory, as we each carry the seed of our original moment in our DNA. Perhaps your story is a little different, coming from a perspective not of my own, but I would bet that there is an echo of my story in your recollection as well.

The Evolution of Light Beings

There existed the Center Source of Light which I now understand to be a torus vortex from which we all originated located somewhere in the center of common space. Together and 'un-separate' we are the purest form of creative energy, although indescribable by the human experience we generally relate to that vibration as Love.

There was an eternal before-moment where we were all One, a singular awareness vibrant, happy and content to be One. At some point the One decided to expand – to Become. This notion caused the One blazing presence to become billions of points of Light, each suddenly compelled to leave, to go and to become.

In a huge explosion of force we were projected outward, eager to become something, and although that something was unknown to us we were excited to be new and unique. Traveling through an expanse of darkness and open space, the points of Light scattered across the cosmos, some as groups, and some as singular collectives - others solitary. In our wake an ocean of chaos followed forming arcs and streaks of Light in space as the energy of our presence was so great as to create quantum fields of potentiality along the way.

Occasionally collections of Light would propel themselves forward with such force that they would punch a hole in the empty but potential-filled space, emerging on the other side in a shower of Light and movement. One such singular collective group (to which my own original awareness belonged) popped through the fabric of time-space to emerge somewhere in the Milky Way Galaxy. Immediately the attention of these essentially immature Light beings was drawn to a mass floating in space, spinning in the Light of a newly formed star, one among many in the area.

As I remember this clearly, we were so excited to find this curiosity floating in space that we propelled ourselves forward, eager to explore – as if called by the object in some way. Our attention to the object began to change the object’s rotation, structure and mass. The more attention we paid to it, the more interesting the changes became. Our eagerness to participate in this new drama compelled us to draw ever nearer to the intricate structures of the object and we became involved at the atomic level of creation, coaxing and nurturing changes to occur. Over time our attention caused more fantastic changes while our very ideas about those changes created new forms of potentials that grew and developed independently over time – changes both in the objects and in ourselves as slowly maturing Light beings. Consequently over eons of time, as original sparks of the One we began to change, grow and develop relative to our experiences.

A little over four billion years ago the attention that this collective group of Light beings paid to a rock floating in space caused that rock to eventually move from the first dimension of existence to the second, and onto the third where it became imbued with life, and Gaia the Mother Creator, the consciousness of the earth being was born. Not wanting to be separate from the various developing forms of creation, the Light beings began to put their attention more intensely on the changing forms developing on the earth. It came to pass that the new forms of life were somehow permeated with a growing sense of freewill apparently made possible through the very process of the Light being's focused attention followed by an extension of energy. Those early life forms became more complex and able to create changes of their own – independent of their creators.

Becoming Form

We, as Light beings were excited about the newness of our experiences and we wanted to understand the organic life phenomenon for ourselves. At first we could only make things happen as observers offering suggestions, albeit strong suggestions and impulses. But eventually some figured out that if we would just put aside our Light being-ness we could fully merge with the complex structures and life forms, experiencing the density of the material world firsthand. Although intensely exciting, this was a hazardous mission to undertake and a sacrifice for many, as some separated completely from who they were to become fully immersed in the elemental forms of creations. These beings still live and evolve on earth today as collective forces of nature, not quite aware of their own origins as Light beings, but still part of the original Source family. We know them as minerals, plants and animals – air, water, fire and earth and the elemental kingdom.

Getting Physical

It happened, as part of the earth experience, that Light beings, which basically started out as streaks or balls of light and energy developed over time a nonphysical body form that was best suited for the task of growing and nurturing life on earth, the design was heavily influenced by the evolution of life forms on earth which came with a growing understanding of best placement and purpose of organs and other physical structures- and eventually their light bodies looked a lot like today’s human body. Although, that is not to say that some more creative earth based Light beings didn’t develop some very interesting configurations outside of this pattern, the human form eventually caught on as the most suitable to the purpose – so many adopted the template.

Growing Humanity

Fast forwarding through the creation process, as the Light beings began to grow through their experiences they also evolved emotionally and mentally. They grew in experience and developed understandings that are foreign to the original experience of Light Oneness. Eventually there came a notion of developing a unique life form that could meld more completely with the non-corporeal essence of spirit or Light beings. For to wholly develop the spiritual aspects of earth-focused Light beings, it would necessitate becoming fully physical – in an organic form reminiscent of their own. And they got to work. Nurturing the division of cells in a variety of creatures over hundreds of thousands of years they were eventually able to create a form of matter that echoed their own light bodies. This form coalesced into an early form of human being and the work of becoming fully physical was all but complete.

Stepping into the personified body required the same sort of sacrifice as that made by Light beings entering the elemental kingdoms, a sacrifice some were willing to take, and others not. Those aspects of Source Light who chose the latter continued to work with the evolving form of humanity from the nonphysical realms, some helping to monitor the growing diversities that arose from the newly dis-incarnate beings.

Emotional Existence

As it turned out, as incarnate beings managing the mind, body and soul aspects of the human experience became quite complicated as the core soul element tended to fracture from the shock of difficult life experiences. Inhabiting an organic life form might be thrilling but processing experiences such as pain, fear and loss – elements that are completely foreign to original Source experience – took some getting used to. But it was exactly these processes that helped to develop maturity in the Light beings themselves, providing valuable information that was and still is returned to the collective Source through the process of life.

Let’s Get Psyched

“It is only by grounding our awareness in the living sensation of our bodies that the “I Am,” our real presence, can awaken.” G.I. Gurdjieff

The birth of the human psyche presented a huge complication in the learning structures of the Light beings. The ego self was born out of a need to grow a human body into a state of survivability. Before spiritual beings became human they were incarnated in a noncorporeal form -- and since they lacked the organic life experience they also lacked empathy, compassion and to a large extent; good 'common' sense. Certainly they were not tuned into survivability - although many of their kind were involved in the creation of life forms on earth - not all of them understood why survival would need to be keyed into the human 'being' or how compassion would play out as an important factor in survival of the organic human life form. Their collective incarnation experience in this form failed largely due to these issues. The human being form was nurtured into creation as a way to solve these problems.