A Creation Story: Universal LightForce Intelligence

What is God?

There is an intelligence that pervades the universe. In the body of form and matter it flows through all of the attributes of life that we see around us; the structures of the earth, the life forms that inhabit the earth - as well as the constructs of behavior manifesting as ‘instinct’ and ‘intelligence’. It is in the air we breathe and the blood that flows through our veins, but it is at its purest form when it emerges as creative thoughts and ideas. Ultimately it is both tangible and ephemeral, ever present.

Correcting Misconceptions

The idea of ‘God’ has been skewed since time began, definitions never quite hitting the mark. Over time humanity’s natural connection born of real time interaction with LifeForce turned into folklore and superstition that again transformed into organized ‘religion’ that only conspired to enslave the truth of its Being (which is otherwise available to all) by relinquishing its true purpose to the manipulations of power mongers. As enlightened as we may think we are in the western world today, most continue to be blinded by these age-old manipulations. But a growing number of us are beginning to break free of the societal memes that have so effectively dimmed the Light and obscured our true potential.

... And in the beginning there was Light ...

Let’s just imagine for a moment that the Universal LightForce Intelligence is manifest as pure light, creative energy and of course, intelligence. It contains every thing, every potential and possibility. It is informed by all that has come before, it has the highest, clearest conscious perspective on every aspect of beingness. That’s what it is … cumulative knowledge and unbounded creativity. It is curious, accepting, and expansive. And by the way, its nature is to communicate in pictures, colors and impressions that serve to stir the emotions into action, not words.

So, maybe it was about 5 billion years ago when an aspect of ULFI broke away from its larger self as a ‘new idea’, barreling though the vastness of empty space it sought a home among the roiling extravaganza of unformed cosmos that existed at that time. Eventually this ball of Light and Energy settled into orbit around a bright and fairly stable solar star and for the next several billion years she dodged major catastrophes and collected space matter about herself as she explored her immense creative potential – a process that bore into existence the first, second and third dimensional aspects of creation.

Dimensional clarification is in order

For clarification let’s say that the first dimension is pure thought (the word), the second is thought put into action (light) and the third is those two aspects working together to form matter and substance. Today the first dimension resides at the core or center of the earth, the second anchors itself between the first and third without coming into definable form – although aspects of this dimension have been seen by humanity as seemingly intelligent sparks of light, wisps of energy and occasionally as fairies, mythical characters and creatures, and other insubstantial collections of energy (aka elementals). Each second dimensional manifestation represents a singular thought or idea that originated in the ‘mind’ of the first dimensional ULFI ‘entity’ (referred to most often as ‘Gaia’ although I prefer to call her EarthStar). As each new thought or idea was given life it spontaneously erupted outwards, coded with the intent, but free to get creative with the instructions, as the process unfolded (which explains why we have so many variations on life and mineral forms).

From God to Gaia

It is important to realize that Gaia (or EarthStar) is at once the highest expression of creativity, the force responsible for conceptualizing, bringing and bearing all life and matter onto the earth plane, while still remaining a perfect manifestation of Universal LightForce Intelligence, though physically divided for all these billions of years. As such EartStar has become Universal LifeForce Intelligence, having taken on the role of ‘creator’ for all material, and incorporeal manifestations on earth. She is the creator of your body, she first imagined the perfectly magical cells (DNA and stem cells) that contain all of the instruction for bringing into form something as complicated and divine as the human body. From this first imagining she bore the second dimensional organization of energy that is responsible for building the third dimensional structures of your form. And thus, something (physical form) is made of nothing (thought and energy).

The New Earth

As spiritually evolving humans begin to move away from damaging dogma and take steps to reconnect with the factual awareness of how these creative elements work together to provide the animation of the body, mind and spirit, we have the potential to allow these two forces to consciously join in harmony through our experience of life. It is the convergence of LightForce and LifeForce that birthed into being what we truly are; individual points of awareness and now with the birth of what might be called clarity of awareness we have the opportunity to take this convergence to the next level.