Relinquishing the Ego (“Get back, Jack!)

There is a lot of attention paid to the ego in both our enterprising society and in spiritual circles alike. While one believes that having an ego will get you places in the world, the other – not so much. As a longtime student of The Course in Miracles, and an avid reader of scientific studies focused on both the mind and brain, I have gradually become acquainted with the many dynamics of ‘ego-ness’ and I have struggled with that wily villain for years.

Ego Defined

What is the ego? Is it the destructive version of ‘the still small voice’? And, if that is true, then why is it so difficult to hear the encouraging prompts from the real ‘still small voice’ and hard to avoid the blaring insults from the ego? If an angel sits on one shoulder, does the ego sit on the other in some wickedly devilish form? Would life really be blissful if we didn’t have the ego constantly shrouding our thoughts and life experiences with gloomy overtones? Would we truly be Enlightened Beings if we didn’t have the ego acting as interpreter of our experiences? Read full story …